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Finally, it's time to add bags to your resale arsenal. That's right, learn how to make more money by reselling used bags for great profit! Bags To Bucks is created by Chris AKA The Bonafide Hustler on YouTube. Chris has been in the resale game for 12+ years and flips used goods for incredible profit - just watch his channel The Bonafide Hustler - you'll see!

Flipping used bags can be very confusing to many, and that's why this guide was created. In Bags to Bucks you will find:

- A huge collection of bag categories that you should be paying attention to.

- Within each category, Chris tells about the best brands as well as experience within each category. Have you ever wondered what are the best brands for a certain bag genre? See what Chris buys in each bag category. Be able to sort through the fluff and start looking for the gold!

- Each category has his best flip in there as well! Get to see exactly what he sold for the most money in each category! 

- He closes each category with a "money tips" section - here he discusses how to really tie it all together for each category. 

- In Bags to Bucks, you will also find out how to properly scan a bag once you find one! This section was designed to reduce bad buys and instead increase your chances of incredible profit!

- There's even a section on profit indicators in Bags to Bucks. In this section, Chris tells about telltale signs of the best quality bags. This helps you go faster through the bag section when you're looking for profitable bags!

- Bags to Bucks also has a section that helps you list your bag the proper way. Have a profitable bag? Now it's time to get the most money for it! Don't mess up your listing - do it the right way!

- There's even a short bonus section in Bags to Bucks. Here, Chris shows some other bags that are profitable, but hasn't found yet. He is confident some of the readers of Bags to Bucks will find these so he decided to share it!

- He closes out the section with a list of bags that he avoids. Knowing what to pass up will only help you find a profitable bag faster!

Start adding bags to your resale game - It's worth it!

- BH - 

What people are saying about Bags to Bucks: 

- Neila G from The Green Room - "Read it during break. Excellent and to the point with great photos as reference. Thank you for putting this together! The Unicorn bag I want to find in the wild is a Filson bag, well a Filson anything really."

- Cool Hand Souk from YouTube - "I really liked this book. I thought it was well thought out. I downloaded it last night and read it on the train and on my break this morning. It is specific to key brands and I like that. And there are so many styles I hadn’t considered. Thanks! Tons of bags are for sale at thrift stores in my area".

- CanuckGirl16 from YouTube - "Bought and read. Pretty comprehensive guide. Thank you!"

-Marissa Mireles from YouTube - "Great book! Will make your money back X10 after reading one page!"

- SA Banks from The Green Room - "Just wanna give a totally unsolicited testimonial on the "baggz knowledge" dropped by our "cheddar king" brutha BH! Gobs of details...and his "money tips" for each style/type bag helps you focus on the money baggz!! Personally, I feel the section where BH discusses which brands NOT to pop on, is worth the regular full retail price alone!!No education is's gonna cost something!! "

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4 ratings
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